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Our most frequently asked questions, if you got more give us a shout

faqs faqs

How does the photo booth work?

Walk in, choose color or black and white photos by touch screen, smile and have fun! Four consecutive pictures will be taken, with time in between each picture to switch poses. Exit the booth to retrieve the pictures.

What kind of printer do you use?

We use a professional  photo lab printer. It prints out pictures just like the photo lab! faq

Do the guests have to pay for each picture?

No, the booth is NOT coin operated there is one flat rate and guests can take unlimited pictures

What size prints do you offer?

We offer 2″x6″ prints or 4″x6″ prints.

What if I want more copies?

You have the option of getting double prints for the 4″x6″ for an extra cost. You get double copies for the 2″x6″ print for free We also we provide all images via Dropbox and an online gallery at no cost.

How much does the prop box cost?

We include the prop box absolutely free it includes costumes, glasses, wings, funny hats and much more!

How much does cost to rent the photo booth?

Since every event is unique we would like to hear from you and create you a custom package with our other services if needed.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

Well since our booths are digital there simply is no such thing as a mechanical problem. Old chemical booths used motors and chains to develop photo strips. Our modern digital booths use computers, cameras and printers to produce higher quality results. We come equipped with backup equipment such as a back up dye sub printer and camera.

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

We had up to 10 people in our Party booth, our open air booth can get 10-12 people depending on the settings and our classic photo booth can fit 3-4 people.